ABOUT Adrenaline Rush Noodling
Noodling is the one of the most extreme sports you can take part in. NOTHING gets the adrenaline flowing like the raw power of a massive Flathead on your hands while you try to gain control of him...

Noodling should not be attempted alone however, and is best when accompanied by an expert.

Hi, I'm Nate Williams. Come join me for the most fun and excitement you have had in along time.

I have over a decade of experience during which time I have won numerous noodling tournaments. We have been a part of Okie Nooding II, Outdoor Oklahoma, The Fishing Adventurer(French Canadian T.V), The Today Show, Evil Science(German/American), Mio Mio(Japanese T.V.), Oklavision, Italian Documentary, The Sportsmanchannel, River Monsters, and Hamish and Andy's Gap year (an Australian T.V. show). I was also a main character in season 2 of "Mudcats" - a reality noodling competition and T.V. show!!

I've taken people with zero experience of the outdoors, such as the Irish band Blue Tree. I have also taken people with more fishing experience than my own, like Jeremy Wade of River Monsters. I have taken people who merely want to be a spectator and see this done in person. And I actually took a Sports Writer out from Georgia by the name of Spencer Hall, a.k.a. The Amateur.

No matter the people, our results are always the same. We catch fish and teach people an art form that they have never tried.

Safety is our main concern. We are hardcore! Expect some scrapes and fatigue, but we have never had a serious injury.

My partner and I are not your typical noodlers. Both of us have a Bachelors degree and are certified public school teachers. We are very good at teaching/coaching people of all skill level!! Especially first timers!!

Daily rates are $300 for first guest, $500 for two people and an additional $100 per person after that. Meals and lodging are not included. Season runs from Memorial Day to late July.
Come join me for an adventure of a lifetime. You won't regret it. It is the best way I have found to spend my time besides spending time with my wife and three children. Why not put them together and get family time while noodling?
Season Runs
May 1st through August 1st Yearly
We are located near Shawnee, Oklahoma. U.S. 
Feel free to call or email for availabilty and bookings!!
NBU 3710 
Prague, OK 74864