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What we do. --As interpreted from a past client.
Want this one?"
Sticking your hand into the hole is the worst part. Your brain is thoroughly against the idea. People who stick their hands into holes don't get them back in your brain's darkest corners, but noodling goes a step further. It asks you to stay completely calm after being bitten, and not do what you desperately want to do--run screaming away from the thing that just bit you. Instead, you are supposed to get closer, and then put more of your hand into the fish's mouth and gills. If it's a monster, you might have to put your whole arm in and link your hands, the fish equivalent of someone putting one hand up your nose, another down your throat, and pulling you along by the entire facial apparatus.
This will not be necessary here. I put my hand in and feel the taut, slimy, and corpse-clammy side of a smallish catfish. He or she is, for lack of a better word, just chillin' in the hole.
Nate has his hand on the tail, blocking out the right side. Teamwork is essential. Holes are often huge, bigger than your imagination is probably comfortable with existing for things that live in dark, underwater lairs. You need blockers to stop up the hole, or to pull you out if you dive into the hole up to your ankles, or to grab the fish when it starts spinning on your arm and taking its fine, sandpapery teeth to your arm like a dull router set on high speed.
"He's pretty relaxed. You're gonna have to put your thumbs in its mouth."
My thumbs find the mouth, a hard trap that springs open like the hinges of a snare. The fish twitches.
"So, just pull him up?"
Nate nods. "Yup."
I pull up a perfectly docile juvenile catfish, somewhere between five pounds (Nate's estimate) and 10 (mine, and I stick to it because the camera that captured this is now on the bottom of the river, and most likely inside a giant vengeful catfish). I'm laughing, the only real reaction to standing in the middle of a river with a fish stuck to your hand, and the insulted fish thrashes off my thumbs and back into the water
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